Laoban and Yarn

Firstly you need to understand workspaces. The link describes how to set them up.

They are fantastic and allow us to edit code in one project and have it immediately available in another without actually having to publish anywhere. This is critical for fast development.

Unfortunately yarn workspaces don’t yet handle all of our usecases. They are an essential component to working with mono-repos in the javascript world but don’t make it easy to do many of the tasks we want to do.

Laoban fills in the gaps. As workspaces improve, there is everychance laoban will become redundant, but we are some time away from that happening

Loaban works seamlessly with yarn. The templates allow us to have common properties in our projects and manage them centrally. The version.txt and laoban update allows us to manage our version numbers and laoban publish will push the projects marked for publishing to npmjs. laoban status allows us to get a grasp of what is going on across our projects.

Setting up

Following the instructions for setting up workspaces.


(default actions: most things are configurable)