Command line arguments

In order to find about the arguments that can be used with a specific script type laoban <scriptName> --help

Most of the rest of the options are only needed occasionally, usually when making, testing and debugging scripts.

Command line arguments without a script given

The last option is used when you’ve changed laoban.json or are using something in the parents and they ‘don’t work’. The debug gives information about what is being loaded, and where from. It’s not perfect, but might help.

Common command line arguments for scripts

option -a

The -a means ‘in all projects’. Without this laoban looks at the current directory

options -p <project>

You can give a regex for the project name and the command will be executed in those projects


option -s

This allows a bit of debugging of scripts. If you are having problems adding -s gives a little more information about what is happening

This is a great option when you want ‘information from many places’. Like

option -d

This is a dryrun. Instead of executing the command, it is just printed. This includes dereferencing the variables. A combination of -ds gives quite nice information about what is executing

option -v

Only used when debugging to help work out what are legal variables

option -g

Rather like ‘-a’ in that it does not display any commands. Instead it outputs the ‘generation plan’: the directories that will be processed in parallel. This is descriped here

option -t xxx

Sets the maximum number of items executed at once, so that the computer doesn’t get over loaded. This overrides the setting in laoban.json. Use this when using a weak computer (actually it’s usually better to set it in laoban.json)

option ‘–ignoreGuards’

This should really only be used while you are developing scripts. It ignores any guards that you have set on commands. For example you might have a command that compiles a project. There is a guard that prevent it executing in some package, and you are trying to work out why it’s not working. You can use this option to ignore the guard.